Audiophile, headphile, music lover and music maker, cable maker, graphic artist & painter.
Music! Cable design, Astronomy, Philosophy, Painting, Running, Fitness, Baseball, Product Design
Headphone Inventory
Hifiman HE1000, Arya, Ananda, Sundara
Audeze LCD-2 REV 1 (old school classic)
Audeze LCD-3F
Audeze LCD-5
Meze Liric, Meze Empyrean, Meze Elite (soon)
Focal Clear, Clear Pro, Clear MG, Celestee, Stellia
Sennheiser HD800, HD650
Oppo, Mr Speakers / DCA, Dharma, Spirit Torino
too many more to list....
Headphone Amp Inventory
IFI Pro Ican, Benchmark HPA4, Holo Mammoth (Holo Bliss future), Violectric (past), Audio-GD (past), LTA (future), Enleum (future), lots of past amps.
Source Inventory
Holo May KTE, Benchmark, Antelope Zodiac+ w/ custom Welborne Labs PSU, Holo Audio Spring DAC SE Level 4 (past), IFI Black Label, Sony 4.4mm DAP, Onkyo DP-X1 DAP, Holo Sabretooth, list goes on, etc.
Cable Inventory
OCC+Litz everything (pure silver occ litz, 18.9awg, 19awg, 20awg, 20.8awg, 17awg, 16.8awg, etc.)
Power-Related Components
Holo/KTE Balance Isolated Transformer, Brickwall, Apc G5Blk 9-Outlet G-Type Rack-Mountable Power Conditioner & Hospital grade stuff
Other Audio Equipment
Various studio and home speakers / various preamps and amps, Singxer SU-1, etc.
Audio-Related Tweaks
Acoustic Treatments, rewired stuff, DIY stuff, etc.
Music Preferences
Jazz, Classical, Rock, Electronic, Blues, Acoustic and more.
Custom built PC x 3, Macbook m1, macbook m1 pro 16, Sony A7R2 mirrorless, lots of various tablets, devices and tech, etc.
Cable Craftsman. Owner at Norne Audio


_.-- [my system] -- [my feedback] --._ "I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the suprise of its own unfolding." -- John O'Donohue "Music is the heartbeat of the soul"