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    WTB Sennheiser HD800s

    Still looking for the HD 800 S?
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    WTB Sennheiser HD-800 S

    Still looking for the HD 800 S?
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    SOLD [WTS] Denon AH-D5000

    This headphones are in very good condition and have been well taken care of. Offers will be considered.
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    WTB: fostex th-x00 or other semi-open headphones

    I have a pair of Denon D5000s for sale if you are interested. They are in very good condition.
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    Pre-owned Sennheiser HD 800 S

    Found some with some scratches on the plastic housing and steel mesh for $700. Cushions on headband and ears look like they are new. What do you think about that price?
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    FiiO Q5 w/ high power AM5 amp and Woo Audio Wa7 Fireflies

    Thank you for your reply! I will be using the HD 800 S, Denon D5000, and Fostex TH-X00. I'm trying to narrow it down to which of these Amp/DAC combos would be the best.
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    FiiO Q5 w/ high power AM5 amp and Woo Audio Wa7 Fireflies

    Looking for someone that has listened to both of these Amp\DAC combos with 300 Ohm open, or closed back headphones. I would like to know your opinions on them and if there are any significant sound differences between the two.
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    Woo Audio Wa7 Fireflies Popping

    Do you think it is the tubes that is causing the occasional pop? What else could it be?
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    Woo Audio Wa7 Fireflies Popping

    Alright. I will do that. Hopefully it goes away like you say. Never experienced this before, but this is my first tube amp. Thank you for the advice.
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    Woo Audio Wa7 Fireflies Popping

    So the occasional popping is normal then? I let them cool down and then re-seated them again. It pops occasionally in my left ear, but not like it was doing. I was just concerned about it damaging my headphones.
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    Woo Audio Wa7 Fireflies Popping

    I reseated them. It seems to be working fine now. I will also leave the amp on overnight to let them burn in as you suggested. Thank you for your comment!
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    Woo Audio Wa7 Fireflies Popping

    Just purchased a Wa7 Fireflies from Woo Audio, and when I have my headphones plugged in and there is no music playing the left earphone makes popping/crackling noises randomly. I tried a few different pairs of my headphones and it's definitely coming from the amp. Is this normal? What could be...
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    Considering Schiit Amp and DAC Stack

    I currently own a FiiO Alpen 2 DAC/Amp and I would like to upgrade to something more high quality. I have been considering purchasing a Schiit Valhalla 2 and Bifrost. Are there any other recommendations you have may for me, and what are your opinions on the Schiit line of products?
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    FiiO E17 Alpen vs. E17K Alpen 2

    I currently own the original FiiO E17 Alpen and I am interested in upgrading to the new FiiO E17K Alpen 2. Would this be worth it, or should I just stick with the original? 
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    New DENON "Music Maniac" & "Urban Raver" Lines: D7100, D600, D400 & C300 Impressions Thread

    What's up guys,   Has anyone compared the D7100's to the D600's yet?   Sincerely,