Headphone Inventory
Headphones - AKG K7XX, AKG K712 PRO, Hifiman HE-350, Philips Fidelio X2, Massdrop x Fostex T-XO, Hyperx Cloud 1, Audio Technica ATH-ADG1, Sennheiser PC37X, Hyperx Cloud Alpha and Hifiman HE4XX

IEM's - KZ ZST in both colourful and carbon, KZ ZSR in black, KZ ZS10 in black, KZ ES3 in blue, KZ ZS5 V1 in grey, KZ ZS6 in black (sold), Xiaomi Pro HD, Xiaomi Hybrid dual drivers (lost), Hifiman RE-00, Urbanfun Hi-fi hybrid, Havi B3 Pro 1, Fiio EX1, KZ ZS10 Pro (purple), CCA C10 (purple), RN QT2 black, KZ ED16 (black), TRN X6, TRN IM2 (black), NiceHCK NX7 (cyan), Yoo NY-06, BQEYZ KC2 (silver), Sony MH755 (untouched and genuine), KZ ZSN Pro (blue), KZ ED15 (black with mic), KZ ZS10, **** ****, KZ AS10, Moondrop Crescent, Monoprice MP80
Source Inventory
Asus Windows 7 Laptop with Foobar or Chrome.

SMSL Idea, SMSL Sanskrit DAC 6th Anniversary, Mayflower Electronics ARC, Epiphany Acoustics o2/odac Rev B, Centrance Dacport slim and HD, Fiio E10K and DAC Audio AMP DAC USB stick.
Cable Inventory
KZ silver upgrade cables for ZST and ZS5 versions ( turning green ) KZ Bluetooth 4.2 cable for type A and B, NiceHCK 16 core 2pin 3.5mm cable with no memory wire, two NiceHCK 8 core 3,5mm in 2 pin and MMCX, KZ silver wire upgrade paragraph C cable, KZ silver wire upgrade cable paragraph B (newer version with no metal memory wire), TRN 6 core 3.5mm 0.75 2 pin variant, KZ copper/silver cables in type A B and MMCX
Music Preferences
Variety but mainly trance, orchestral and ambient
Shanling M0, Benjie X6, Geruida / Benjie K1