Head Gear Reviews by Themilkman46290
  1. FiiO X1-II High Resolution Lossless Music Player (2nd Generation) (Silver)

    1.00 star(s)
    My wife bought this player about 6-7 months ago, first let's talk about the sound, highs are great, seem very nicely extended, the mids also seemed very good, the lows are very very good, this player's sound is great, neutral warmish sound, me and the wife both liked allot, but I decided to get a zishan z3 instead, she bought the fiio x1 ii, the z3 has it's subbass and highs slightly rolled off, and it doesn't look as pretty as this fiio x1...... Hold on, had to restart the x1.... Ok back to the review In sound against the z3, the fiio wins , fiio...
  2. Burson Audio Supreme Sound Opamp V5i

    5.00 star(s)
    I have received this burson v5i-d free of charge in return for an honest review I know sound is subjective and this is my first review so I will try to do my best. My first impressions was wow, I spent a week listening and in general am very happy with how it sounds in my zishan z3. The z3 has a bit of a roll off in the bass and highs , I used the kz zs5 (good combo) for this review and ty hi z hp150. I also try it in my Walnut F1(beautiful combo) and my wife's zishan dsd but for this review I will use my zishan. For most of this review I used...