Vancouver, Canada
photography, hiking, going to concerts and painting
Headphone Inventory
Utopia, HD800SDR, AH-D7200, HE-6, Volt, IER-Z1R, IER-M9, IT07, MEST, DM8, Lokahi, Believe, TSMR-5, MT300, DT100, NM2+, SA6, IT00, D02, N400, A7, NM2, NA2, BL-03, Bl-01, iss014, P1, RW-09, nameless, x6, Deva, L300, MDR-1000x, HP-2, DTX350m, isine20, BW-ES1 (modded), Vega(sold), Andromeda, TE-02n (modded), IT-03, P1, R2A, TFZ5, IE80, ZERO, S4i
Headphone Amp Inventory
SRM-252S, Vali
Source Inventory
Aqua La Scala II, exaSound E20 III, QP1R
iDSD Micro, Chord mojo, mDSD, NW-ZX100, e1da 9038s gen 2 & 3. Cayin N3Pro
Cable Inventory
High Fidelity CT-1UR
HiDiamond Diamond 9 RCA
REL Speakon
Burson Audio Cable +
Penon Totem
CEMA Tianwaitian
Power-Related Components
PLC Thingee
5 X PS Audio Noise Harvester
JPS Labs duplex wall outlet
Other Audio Equipment
Magnepan 3.6R custom crossover
Monitor Audio Bronze 2
2X REL T-7 subwoofers
2X Emotiva XPA-1 monoblocks
Music Preferences
classical, jazz, R&B, 70-80s rock, rap, hip hop, metal, electronics
Full time artist


IEMS: IER-Z1R, Spark, 3DT (modded), Volt, NM2+(modded), Globe, QT-9 mkii, Believe (modded), Hana (oxygen filter), DQ6, Buds Pro, DT200, ZAX, DT100, N400, N200, IT00, NM2, Bl01, Bl03, pp, iss014, D02, P1, Apollo Air, BA10, Resin, MT300, Fan, Tanya, ME80, ZS10Pro SOURCE: M8, 9038S susumu3000, apple dongle INCOMING: GS Audio SE11, GD3A