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    HIFIMAN Black Friday

    Hi there, please feel free to email us at for any questions about your orders. :-D
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    HIFIMAN Black Friday

    Black Friday Deals Are Live SHOP NOW
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    HIFIMAN Thanksgiving Giveaway!

    HIFIMAN Electronics is expressing thanks to our loyal customers by holding a special Thanksgiving promotion! Enter by this link: Consumers who enter between November 19 and November 25 will be eligible to win one of three new HIFIMAN headphones...
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    DEVA Pro with Bluemini R2R--Combining the Best of the HIFIMAN Latest Developments

    We are very glad to introduce the all-new DEVA Pro with the Bluemini R2R! The new DEVA Pro (SRP: $329) picks up where its predecessor left off, offering full-range, audiophile-grade sonics, whether listening via wired or via Bluetooth. The new model builds on the value of the original by...
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    Introducing the HIFIMAN Custom Designed HIMALAYA R2R DAC

    We are very excited to announce our latest achievement: the HIMALAYA DAC! This is born from our independent research and development. HIMALAYA is a discrete R2R DAC module that is based on the FPGA algorithm. The combination of its low audio frequency range, out-of-band noise, and low energy...
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    Hifiman HE400se

    Thank you very much for the complement. Yes the products purchased from the official stores of our authorized dealers on Amazon would also be covered by the standard warranty. Besides our online store ( and the official store on Amazon, we also have official stores...
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    HIFIMAN HE-R10P Loaner Tour

    Hey there, just checking if anything is up with your pm inbox, just we haven't heard back from you in a little bit, everything okay? Mark
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    HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

    Hi there, Unfortunately the Velpads are still unavailable, so far we could not estimate when we will get them back in stock, maybe still need a couple of weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience. April
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    Hifiman Sundara (HE400i upgraded, around $500)

    Yes it is always the Palipad, we changed the glue to make them more durable, as we found in warm conditions, they would over time slowly come apart and this new glue is better suited for such environments. April
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    Hifiman Sundara (HE400i upgraded, around $500)

    Hi there, Yes the stock earpads for Sundara is the Palipads, here is the link to our online store: We've only improved the earpads for enhanced durability, but didn’t change the shape or size, so actually we never have the "Stealth Revision...
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    HIFIMAN HE-R10 Closed-Back Headphones Discussion & Impressions

    Just to clarify on something, CIBER is not anyone from HIFIMAN, whatever he posts hasn't any connection with us.
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    Hifiman DEVA - Official Thread

    Hi there, Sorry to hear that, please kindly check that we have pmed to you and please be assured that we will help you solve the problem asap. Best regards, April
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    Hifiman DEVA - Official Thread

    Hi there, Sorry we just saw your message, if you could please email us at with your purchase receipt, our service team will help you solve the problem. :-) Best regards, April
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    HiFiMan HE4XX

    Hi there, Sorry to hear that, if you could please email us at so we can look into the problem and see how to help. BTW, you can get an extra three-month warranty if you register on our site: Please feel free to contact us if there is...