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    Light Harmonic Geek Out EM/1000 Impressions Thread

    Thanks and good to hear. I just ordered my Alpha Dogs and GO 1000 last week for my MacbookPro and Audirvana+. Geat reviews and posts!
  2. Frost Audio BlackFrost

    Frost Audio BlackFrost

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    Warning about Kyle of Reference Audio Mods

    I was shocked that Jason Serinus at Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity still recommends this A-hole and Reference Audio Mods for his PS audio transport. He did say the soldering was shabby, but due to Kyle having the flu!!!
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    Review: Philips Fidelio L1 [Updated 5/14]

    Thanks mates and cheers for the heads up. Now, what head amp do you recommend with this value buster? I need a surround sound set-up for my Oppo 93.
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    FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Nuforce NE-700X earphones / IEM (non-mic version) - post your thoughts here

    I just my pair 0f 700X yesterday and boy do they thump. I tried some more expensive Grado and EarSonics SM3V2, and prefer the 700X, and saved a lot of coin as a bonus. They could be a little lighter and smaller,  but no big deal. Way to go Jason!
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    TONE Audio - worst audio mag out there?

    Tone Audio is the worst audio "magazine I have ever read. In fact, I am embarrassed to admit I have even read it. Why? For one if you look at Jeff Dorgay's advertisers, you will then read glowing reviews of those advertisers. Jeff Dorgay is nothing short of being a whore. He accepts products...
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    EarSoincs SM1, SM2 v2 & SM3 v2 - Now Available

    I just put in my order of the V2 also. Can't wait. Now looking for same quality portable USB DAC/AMP.
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    Woo Audio 2 as preamp?

    Not on person uses their Woo as a active pre?
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    About JH13 and JH16 Drivers

    Ok, that was informative. Anyone else care to coment?  
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    Better Sound for Mac Users- Pure Music Player

    What I need is a good usb to spdif converter to my DAC. So, MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard downloading using iTunes, enhanced and upgraded by Pure Music. Now to get the music to my USB-less DAC. I am currently using toslink mini and it sounds pretty darn good. I really lucked out in finding Pure...
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    B&W Diamond Series Loudspeakers (diamond tweeter)

      Quote: Well put, sir. If you ever get the chance, please try and audition Burmester Reference series with your EM's. If you are ever in the SF bay area and Marin, please stop by. I also am a big Dinan fan ( have a 700 hp Dinan5)  
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    B&W Diamond Series Loudspeakers (diamond tweeter)

      Quote:    +1 on the chuckle. I know audio is very, very subjective, but to compare Focal UtopiaBe's to Polk,is well, funny as hell. I just sold my Alto Be's, and just ordered a pair of B&W 802 Diamonds. I was going to get the Focal Scala, but I got a great price on the 802D2, after I...