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    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    Repost to account for new addition: Grado SR60es KZ ATEs Sennhesier HD201s (Modded) Sennheiser HD650s Audio Technica AD900x Havi B3 Pro 1s Brainwavez Delta Ostry KC06As Sennheiser MX170s Sennheiser HD205s
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    HD201 detachable cable mod

    The HD202 chassis is different enough to the HD201 chassis, but on a basic level yeah the process should be the same :)
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    HD201 detachable cable mod

    I have a little DIY project ongoing where I'm sprucing up a pair of HD201s. I'd like to recable them, which in itself is a new experience for me, but I'd like to add a jack for detachable cables. Pics and rough dimensions here:   What do I actually need to recable...
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    Review by 'Tadgh' on item 'Havi B3 Pro 1 '

    When I was contacted by Baybars (or @baycode) about the possibility of being sent a review unit of the Havi B3 Pro 1s, I was completely ignorant of their existence. Possibly due to the manufacturer’s position (both geographically and in terms of product line-up) Havi had totally evaded my...
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    Reply to review by 'tadgh' on item 'Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone'

    Still very much so a production oriented headphone by the sound of it :) But hey, if it works it works - It's always very interesting to hear people talking about how sound works when working on live performances, seems like a very different kettle of fish all together. Why (In a...
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    Can the fiio Q1 power DT-990 Pro

    Bump - Getting the Q1 as a mobile amp and it might be my only decent amp for a couple of weeks in which time I plan to purchase a pair of HD650s. Will it do?
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    Budget Student Station

    I'm hopefully making the leap to a $300+ euro set of headphones in a few weeks!   I'd love some input regarding can choice, amp+dac and any unconventional ideas (DIY headphone stands or the like). This will probably be my finishing point for the time being, as work comes and goes and I have...
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    Budget portable amp+DAC rig

    Hey, that looks pretty cool, hadn't seen that earlier. Thanks ^-^
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    Budget portable amp+DAC rig

    Since my OnePlus One was put out of commission by a nasty accident I've developed a real need to have a phone again. The issue is that my phone is a good 50% of the time my sole source. I've been keeping an eye on what phones have solid amp+DAC implementations, and it's looking like they all...
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    Dali Zensor 3s lacking bass

    Hey,   Just to deliver my two cents, since improving upon the positioning of the Dali Z3s and burning them in they've shown significant improvement (95% the repositioning, 5% burn in). However they are bookshelf speakers, and while they have great bass response (both in quanitity and texture...
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    Seeking Reviewers For IEMs Earphones in North America

    Hello :),   I'm located in Galway, Ireland   I've done 4 reviews previously but I'd love to do more and I have plenty of experience writing. The reviews I've done are on the Sennheiser MX170s, HD201s, the Sony MDR 7506s and the Project Audio Hear-it Ones. They can be found here...
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    Lotoo PAW 5000 Tour - Reviewers Wanted!

    Hi @Tony-Hifi,    If you want any more reviewers, I'm in the republic of Ireland and would be very willing to give a review :)   Username: TadghsMuffins   Location: Galway, Ireland   Lotoo Products: None, yet!   Source Gear: Steinburg UR22   Other Reviews...
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    Amps and Basic Measurements

    Okay I think I understand to a decent degree now, thank you. :)
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    Amps and Basic Measurements

    Hey @MindsMirror!   So what makes tube amps curb higher frequencies? :) Right so, if one wanted to build an amp that added bass, would they reduce the relative impedence of bass frequencies? How do impedence curves in amps and headphones interact with one another?   Right, that clears up a...
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    Amps and Basic Measurements

    I'm confused regarding headphone amplification, and could do with some totally objective and scientific clarification, if anybody could be as good as to enlighten me that'd be greatly appreciated :)   I have a fairly basic understanding of the science of sound (okay super basic). As I see it...