Head Gear Reviews by T.IIZUKA

    4.50 star(s)
    The ATH-CKS50, "Solid Bass" series of low-cost model.   ATH-CKS90 top level, CKS50 the bottom. A comparison of the two.   Amazon.co.jp price is as follows. ATH-CKS90 JPY6, 439 ATH-CKS70 JPY5, 389 ATH-CKS50 JPY2, 923   # fill in the price at review. # $1=JPY82     [Sound]   Comparison of sound. It is also a good representation of low-frequency CKS90 better. CKS90 is rich in low frequency. Low frequency sounds come out.   Use your iPod connected to the ATH-CKS50 is a good choice.Sound stage is good overall...
  2. AUDIO TECHNICA ath cks 90

    4.00 star(s)
    ATH-CKS90 is Dynamic earphones. The sound quality is high. Recommend to people who like bass.     [Sound]   ATH-CK10 is clean mid - treble. But bass is lacking. Purchased in order to compensate for this frustration.   To enhance the midrange and high frequencies CK10. The fully equipped with bass from the midrange is a feeling that the opposite CKS90.       [Design]   From the front.(body-worn) rugged appearance.     Slide the earpiece, you can change the sound. Deep position (used to pull...