Head Gear Reviews by Strayngs
  1. TFZ Live 1 | 1*DD

    5.00 star(s)
    I am not a regular reviewer but I am giving it a shot. Sorry no pictures I was offered a discount on this product in exchange for a review. Honestly, I had no expectations that I would like this product based on the price, but I figured why not considering the cost to obtain it. A little about me, I am serious about my headphones. I have a ZMF Verite Open $2700+, Kennerton Thekk $3300+, and a Kennerton Gjallarhorn JM $1200. I also have a Rockna Wavelight Dac $4750, a Lumin Streamer $2100, a PrimaLuna EVO 300 Integrated $3999, and a Rogue RH5 $2500...