Photography, Scuba Diving, Skiing (water and snow), Guitar, Music
Headphone Inventory
Full Sized Headphones: Mr. Speakers Aeon C, Audioquest Nighthawk, Beyerdynamic T70p, Grado HF-2, Grado RS-2, Alessandro MS-1, Audio Technica ATH-W100
IEMs: Audeze LCD-i4, Empire Ears Odin, Campfire Audio Solaris 2020 Atlas, JH16 Pro FreqPhase,

Previously Owned:
Full Sized Headphones: Massdrop, PSB-M4u1, NAD Visio HP-50, Denon D2000
IEMs: Audeze iSine 20, Westone W4, Westone 3, Ultimate Ears 10 Pro, Shure SE-500, Utimate Ears 5pro, Etymiotic ER-4p, Shure SE-215, some others
Headphone Amp Inventory
Current: Cavalli Liquid Carbon v2

Previously Owned: JV5 Tube Amp from ALO, Oppo HA-2, Audioquest Dragonfly Red, Cozoy REI, TTVJ Portable, Corda 2Move, Go Vibe V6, TTVJ Millet Portable Tube Hybrid, Nuforce Icon Mobile, FiiO E1
Source Inventory
Current: Astell&Kern sp1000m, Chord Hugo2, Chord Mojo, lotoo paw s1


Full Sized Headphones: Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow C, Audioquest Nighthawk, Grado RS-2
IEMs: Empire Ears Raven, FIR Radon 6, Audeze LCDi4, itsfit Fusion, Campfire Audio Atlas, RHA CL2, JH16 Pro.
Amps/DACs/DAPs: iBasso DX300 (amps 11.1, 12, 13, 14), iBasso DC-Elite, Chord Mojo, Cavalli Liquid Carbon, L&P W2, Cayin RU6, Lootoo Paw S2, TTVJ Millet portable tube
Loved and lost (sold): EE Phantom, Odin, EVO, and Odyssey; Oriolus Trailli, JH Audio Jolene, Noble Kaiser Encore, Campfire Audio Solaris OG and Solaris 2020, Grado HF2, IMR Rah, Chord Hugo2