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    Pioneer's new TOTL Closed Back SE-Monitor 5 headphones

    I agree. I have had an Elegia on hand to audition, and I owned the HD800S as well as a TH900 and TH600. Sadly not all at the same time mind you.
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    Light Harmonic Geek Wave

    Yes, I believe close to two years ago now I thought people were out of luck. Big shame and I feel for anybody who lost money, but do have faith that others who go this route are not scammers and will deliver what they promise. May your money invested rest in peace.
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    Pioneer's new TOTL Closed Back SE-Monitor 5 headphones

    I agree, it is quite a nice headphone. The build quality and ergonomics I feel are exceptional. The sound signature isn't perfect, but it is darn good IMO. If somebody is used to a nice warm sounding headphone and then tries the SEM5 they may find it feels like it is too cool sounding, and it...
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    Sennheiser HD820

    Glad that you turned the corner mate. Covid? Regradless, get better and enjoy your gear for years to come. Cheers.
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    FiiO Q5, Flagship DAC/Amp, an Dual DAC, USB/Optical/Coaxial/Line in, share the same amp module with X7.

    It will be the jack. Have you confirmed that the headphone cable isn't the issue with other devices? Should have nothing to do with the Bluetooth.
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    Schiit Modius discussion - $199 balanced AK4493 DAC

    Not a problem mate. Enjoy.
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    Schiit Modius discussion - $199 balanced AK4493 DAC

    No, you can use single ended with your headphone. If that is what you were asking about. The connection between the amp and DAC does not constrain the headphone connection to the amp.
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    Schiit Modius discussion - $199 balanced AK4493 DAC

    The only audible thing balanced provides in the realm of home audio is more power. Nobody is hearing the incredibly small levels of crosstalk and electrical noise that balanced designs are deployed to combat, unless the gear is quite flawed by todays standards. Remember, measurable does not...
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    Astell&Kern A&futura SE200: First DAP With Multiple DACs - Head-Fi TV

    It is the actual jack that benefits from the larger tip of the 4.4mm connector. Unless I am misunderstanding what I have read. The jacks are supposed to be more stable due to better internal contact force during the connection. Considering that the DAC itself should be transparent it would seem...
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    Anybody else using the S.M.S.L M200?

    I have recently picked up the SMSL M200 and have been very impressed. I am surprised to never read any mention of it here so I thought I would see if others have tried or have this DAC. I am quite pleased with it. Great features and as in my view a properly implemented DAC should not change the...
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    Schiit Modius discussion - $199 balanced AK4493 DAC

    Give it time, you'll get more impressions. And as long as it is balanced and not taking over a thread, some OT blather is an important part of this community. The threads are full of blather and often despite rocky starts, a great deal of useful communication and learning starts and or includes...
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    Schiit Modius discussion - $199 balanced AK4493 DAC

    Yes that is what I said. Seriously, come with an argument worth making. For the record I used to spend money on DACs, I had the NAD M51 which is a solidly engineered piece of kit. I am quite glad that I sold it and the Chord Mojo at the same time. My SMSL M200 sounds every bit as nice, has more...
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    FiiO AM3D-FiiO Releases the THX AAA Powered Headphone Amplifier Module AM3D

    Absolutely, the latter often masquerades as the former.
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    SONY WH1000XM3 - better than QC35 in noise cancelling?

    25mm is a very small driver and for bass reproduction it would struggle. At low volumes you might not notice as much. The XM3 can sound brilliant once you trim the bass bloat. Shame that Sony voiced it to be such a muddy mess stock, it is terrible unadjusted, but once corrected very different...
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    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    If I could I am sure I would spend foolishly on these wonderful devices. By the way, the jewels are always synthetic corundum (Ruby) not actual rubies. At least since man-made alternatives have been available.