Los Angeles
Guitars, Reasonably priced audio gear, reading
Headphone Inventory
Beyerdynamic T90, Sennheiser HD650, Sony MDR-Z7, Massdrop AKG KXXX, Ibasso IT-03, Sony Z5, Fidue A-83, Hifiman RE-00, Tin Audio T2, TRN V80, Rose Mojito, Rose Masya, **** PT15, Monk+, Monk Espresso balanced, Monk+ balanced, Zhiyin Z5000, BGVD Dx3, BGVD DX3s, DIY MX500, Moondrop Nameless, DIY Graphene, DIY PK2,DIY PK1, Seaf 32awk. Faaeal 300ohm Narcissus, Edifier H180 H185 H190, PMV aoede, Faaeal Snow Lotus 2.0, Faaeal Datura X, Nice HCK EBX, Nice HCK EB2, **** BK2, Whizzer Kylin, BGVP DM6, Moondrop Kanas Pro...a bunch of other earbuds under $40.
Headphone Amp Inventory
Pioneer XPA 700, Fireye HDB Balanced amp, PS Audio Sprout, Aune BS1, Little Bear B4, Millett Nutube Amp, Hidizs DH1000 Sonata
Source Inventory
Aune M1S, Pono Player, Shanling M1, Ipod (5th generation), Shanling M3s, Colorfly C10, Zishan Z2, Zishan Z3, Zishan DSD, Hidizs AP60 Pro, Hidizs AP80
Other Audio Equipment
A bunch of guitar amps and guitars.
Some old good sounding receivers (Pioneer Elite and Sanyo Tube amp) and a Technics turntable, Rega P2 Turntable, Denon CD/SACD player. Some nice B&W speakers with Jomo subwoofer.
Music Preferences
Rock, Vocals, Jazz, Alternative, 80's
Guitar stomp boxes and noise makers
Photographer, antiques