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    looking for headphone to complement my beyers (dt770 80ohm)

    I like my K 701s for classical listening -- especially for the type that you describe.
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    Replacing anything on this bike would be like trying to upgrade a Cimarron. I think the brake calipers might be Weinemanns which would be one of the few decent parts.
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    How long is your journey now with K701?

    2 years -- very happy.
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    Koss Pro-4aat revisited

    I had both 4aa and 4aaa in the 80's. I remember the 4aaa's to be even more uncomfortable, as well as having a very disappointing sound compared to the rockin' 4aa's. I gave the 4aa's to a friend because I knew that I would go deaf if I kept them -- you could really crank them...turn the bass up...
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    Which current full size reference cans have the most accurate tonality with acoustic instruments?

    The viola on Berlioz' Harold in Italy (Living Stereo SACD) is very convincing on my K701's.
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    K701... are they really THAT amazing?

    I think that you should keep the K701's. I find them very engaging, and they seem to get better over time (real or imagined). You have some fine headphones -- get an amp and then all you have to concern yourself with is enjoying the music!
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    Thorens TD160 Super Heirloom Restoration

    The DJ(s) at Studio 54 in NYC used Thorens TT's in 1982. They sounded great. Maybe the best system I ever heard. Rock solid, clear bass -- Rock the Casbah!
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    Recommendations for headphones >$100

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    Changed Budget: Yet another speaker recommendation thread. ~$500? Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 Compact Speakers - Pair - Cherry: Electronics
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    FiiO E5 amp (E3 upgraded)

    Quote: Originally Posted by kite7 I ordered my E5 from dealextreme back on January 26th and they still haven't shipped it out yet, status says waiting for supplier I ordered mine on Jan. 10th. It went from "waiting for supplier" for a couple of weeks, to "processing" for another...
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    LA Lakers BEAT Celtics!

    Even World Champions can have an off day.
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    Hey Vinyl spinners what cart are you using right now?

    OM-20 -- not good enough. I wish that I would have bit the bullet and purchased a better tt.
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    So that is why Vinyl was invented....finally understood the hype.

    I have been dazzled by the brilliant sound of my digital players, but I have to say that I haven't heard much richness of the sonic palette in them. We are lucky to live in today's audio world, though. I like listening to my iPod, CD player, and turntable. They all have their limitations. If...
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    So that is why Vinyl was invented....finally understood the hype.

    I can't understand how an analog recording would sound better on a CD, or vice-versa. It seems as if you would be getting all of the flaws of both formats in one.