Author of *Distorture*; keyboardist on abt/forty albums; an editor of Sensitive Skin Magazine.
Headphone fetishism is a pathology, not a hobby.
The word *restraint* is engraved on the luminescent peach-colored zipper of my stuffed alligator checkbook.
Headphone Inventory
I actually do use the headphones that molder on my premises, thanks. There are no extras in the inventory room of the speakereasy the author of this form seems to feel I own.

Grado RS-1 and HF-1, Alessandro MS-2; Sennheiser HD-600, HD-580, Amperior; Etymotic ER-4S, HF-2; Shure e4i; Beyerdynamic DT-831; UE TripleFi 10, UE700, Sony V6; V-Moda M-80, M-100; ATH- EM7, Brainwavez R1.
Headphone Amp Inventory
RS Hornet and XP-7 (with power supply); MAD Ear++; Fiio E10. The rest have been sold (though I still might have an old PIMETA by Eric343; Tangent's tiny version with battery was a decade ahead of its time).
Source Inventory
MBP 15" (the last iteration with FW ports and to which you could add RAM, drives and new batteries, and one of the first with thunderbolt) -- MOTU 2408 with Performer, Logic and Perfect Music; Headroom Micro-DAC; Fiio E10; Philips 963sa; iHP-140 with Rockbox; iMod 4G; iPod 5.5G; iPod Classic; Samsung Galaxy S4 with Voodoo Control and Neutron; Samsung NC-10 with various enhancements. Currently awaiting the best iteration of the Ultrabook.
Cable Inventory
Several ALO docks -- RCA, miniplug, cloth, silver, copper, etc. -- and a few Zu pivots.
Power-Related Components
Part of me wants to impose my OCD vision of order on the world. Another part wishes to flee the world entirely. Still another would prefer to delegate all responsibility for it to you. The rest of me would like us all to join skulls and mosh our way to a better lobotomized dictatorship.
Other Audio Equipment
Hoary NS-10Ms and Tannoys from more active studio days; logic audio, performer, MOTU card and interfaces; racks of modules, synths and effects; Arcam A-85 and P-85; decapitated pooch speakers.
Music Preferences
Alban Berg, Anton Webern, Bela Bartok, Hans Werner Henze, Gabriel Faure, Johannes Ockeghem, Arthur Honegger, Roger Sessions, early Penderecki, Alexander Scriabin, Paul Hindemith, Alfred Schnittke, Bent Sørensen, Bud Powell, Bill Evans, Billie Holiday, Tristan Perrich, Murcof, Monolake, Arovane, Sasu Ripatti, Nordvargr, Noto/Sakamoto, Dälek, MF Doom, Azealia Banks.
Sony PRS-350 and Kobo Aura HD e-readers; 1st-gen PS3, PS Vita. Awaiting the renascence of literate survival horror (Rule of Rose).
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I heart Piranesi and vim-injected ferret-flavored aspic.

"Good advice often emerges from an outsider's fresh eye."
-- actual fortune from an origami cookie that seems to have been fondled by the Pang Brothers