Head Gear Reviews by samwell7
  1. Rockit Sounds R-50

    5.00 star(s)
    I love accuracy and detailed audio reproduction and I was looking to get a set of Etymotic HF5's but after talking to Billy at Noisy Motel I was introduced to the Rockit R50, these had unbelievably good write-ups here on head-fi and are a great price so I thought I need to check them out.  Billy's customer service was great and he agreed to wait at the office to meet me after hours (thanks again if you're reading this Billy!).   I currently have a pair of Etymotic MC5's, and Monoprice 9927's as my other IEM's, the R50's absolutely blitz both of...
  2. Sony MDR-7520 Professional Headphones

    5.00 star(s)
    These just rocked up. Amazing clarity and accuracy to their sound, everything sounds ridiculously balanced and the instrument separation is awesome.  Haven't spent enough time with them yet to write a detailed review but so far all I can say is WOW. Build quality is great, all magnesium frame feels strong.  The only problem I can think of with these is that they're low impedance and very sensitive, so damping with some high-impedance amps might be a problem  
  3. AKG K 702 Headphones

    5.00 star(s)
    If you're not sure whether these are worth the money or not, they are.   I've had these for a month or so now and I absolutely love them, I bought these to reference with while producing/mixing tracks down and now I barely use my monitors, they translate really well!   They're comfortable to wear and are really quite light, I think they look great and feel like they're really well made (The made in Austria sign is pleasing, and its nice to know that some parts of these are hand-made) I've not tried them straight out of an iPod but they were...