Head Gear Reviews by sainteb
  1. Etymotic Research ER2XR

    5.00 star(s)
    Etymotic's new ER2 series Etymotic has released two new IEMs. The ER2-SE (studio edition) and ER2-XR (extended response with a tiny bit of extra bass). Today, we're looking at the ER2-XR. Price is $160 (RRP) at the time of testing. Purchased with my own money. Etymotic has been doing research on hearing aid and in-ear monitors (IEM) for decades so it needs no introduction. Its latest products include the ER3 and ER4 (XR & SR) series, all based on a balanced armature (BA) driver. While Etymotic has previously made some dynamic driver (DD)...
  2. Fiio FA7

    4.00 star(s)
    Price: $299. More information available here. Personal unit. Build and fit High-quality 3D-printed shells made of medical-grade resin. Fit is great. No-hassle, reasonably deep (not as deep as Etymotic IEMs but much deeper than most universal IEMs I’ve tried) insertion which makes the insertion of my Etymotic ER4XR feel like a massive (painful) chore. I typically use bi- or tri-flange tips where possible but I get a great seal with singles here. There is also absolutely no pain or discomfort while wearing them. They are very light too so I don’t...