Feb 2, 1963 (Age: 61)
Gozo, Malta
Building all Hi-Fi, restoration of vintage hi-fi gear.
Headphone Inventory
Audio Technica ATH-A900X
Headphone Amp Inventory
Aune A1 caps and tube modded, Little Dot Mk11 modified with military tubes
Source Inventory
Gustard R26, TDA1541A DIY Dac, TDA1305T DIY Dac, TDA1543 x10 DIY Dac, Chord Mojo, Rpi3 B+ Allo Isolator with Kali for I2S source. Allo USBBridge, Allo DigiOne, Naim CD3 Avondale modded, Arcam Alpha CD, Meridian 207 CD, Meridian CD1, Luxman PD131s, Logic DM101 Terminator tonearm, Goldring G99. Avondale Audio Grad One preamp, Zero Zone Conrad Johnson clone preamp heavily modded. Passive DIY preamp
Cable Inventory
Avondale Black Link everywhere.
Power-Related Components
RMS T65 mono block power amps, Avondale Audio M1 mono blocks, Audio Innovations Alto 35, Leak TL12 restored mono blocks by Concorde Audio, Rotel RX803 restored vintage receiver,
Other Audio Equipment
Revelation 1 speakers, Revelation 2 speakers, Celestion Studio 66 fully restored with my own carbon fibre supports, Focal Shape 55, Home made 'box less' open frame bipolar speakers - crazy but they work.
Audio-Related Tweaks
FMC modules, David Rushby Isolating transformers, Allo Shanti LPS, DIY LPS, Lipo4 battery banks, Ripi3 with USB HDD running MinimServer.
Music Preferences
Anything goes, but Jazz and 80's is popular.
retired, used to run a hifi company in the UK, Stands Unique.


Rpi3 Minimserver (Jplay) > Rpi3 Allo Isolator/Kali + Shanti>Allo USBridge>FMC + LAN on Gustard R26+Leo Bodnar GPS10MHz Reference clock>TDA1541A + 6N2P Buffers>Avondale Naim CD3>Avondale Grad One Pre, ZeroZone Conrad Johnson Valve Pre, RMS T65 PA monoblocks, Avondale M1 PA monoblocks >Audio Innovations Alto 35> Celestion Studio 66 restored speakers, Focal Shape Twin monitors, Bipolar open frame 2x15” speakers. RMS Revelation Two speakers. Black Link Cable everywhere.