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    Image X5 -- Good Choice? Warranty?

    Hello all (and possibly Amy, specifically),   I've been reading all of the forums regarding Klipsch's 'phones, both on here and on Klipsch's own website, and I think I've finally settled on buying the x5's for myself. (The x10's sound like they are awesome, but I don't really want to spend...
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    Sennheiser 448 vs 438 vs 428

    @Idtboyl That was my thought too, until I called all of my local "authorized Sennheiser retailers" and they told me they didn't have any on display. Hmm...
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    Sennheiser 448 vs 438 vs 428

    Hey all, relative newbie to the forums here. I read these all of the time but never have been compelled to write until now.   I've decided to go with a closed-ear headphone for my roommate's sake, and have about $100 to spend. I'm trying to decide between the 438 and the 448, and am having a...
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