Please someone make some decent headphones so I can return to listening to music!!!
Staring at walls, making stuff, both.
Liberal lefty Social Democrat. I believe in Democracy not capitalism. Votes should decide our political direction, not corporate interests, lobbyists and the super rich. The corporate world is out of control and must be stopped.
Headphone Inventory
Fostex: T50rp, T20v1, T20v2
Yamaha: YH3, HP50, YH1, YH100
NAD RP18- x2 mylar and kapton versions

all modded of course.

Portable Duty: KSC-35, ath-M50, SE535

Heard/owned: Almost everything through meets, buying and selling, and friends.
Headphone Amp Inventory
EHHA rev A, SOHA1, "The Flux Capacitor" Millet Hybrid SS by FallenAngel, Presonus Firebox,

PPAS diy portable (someone make some more boards, these things are killer!)
Source Inventory
MisterX Gamma2
Presonus Firebox
Cable Inventory
lamp cord
Power-Related Components
Other Audio Equipment
MacPro -> Gamma2 DAC -> NHT Passive Preamp -> Mackie HR624 Reference Monitors
Audio-Related Tweaks
RGC ground conditioners and ERS Paper
Music Preferences
mostly folk, old school country and rock and blends of the three. Americana also jazz, reggae (but not raggae-tone) blues, bluegrass, world, classical, fusion. no hippity-hop *****