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Home theater, Amplifiers
Headphone Inventory
Meelec M11+, UE Triple.Fi 10, Etymotic HF3, Sony XBA-3IP, Shure somethings(has no model # on them), Audio Technica M50, Sennheiser Amperior, Bose QC15, AKG K280 Parabolic, Beats Powerbeats 2 wireless(I was given them not by choice:), Plantronics Backbeat Pro, Mee Audio M6 Pro, Mee Audio X7 Plus wireless, various Jlab Audio headphones, Bose QC 35, Mee Audio Pinnacle 2.
Source Inventory
HisoundAudio Studio V, Sansa Clip Zip,iPod 64gig 3g, Iphone 6, XDuoo X2 and X3, LG G3, XDuoo X3, LG G8 ThinQ, Sansui G9000, Sony STR V6, Technics SA TX50, Technics SA 400, Sony STR 6055, Topping D30, Sansui SR 717, Pioneer PL950
Other Audio Equipment
Sansui G9000, Sansui SR-717(turntable), Sony STR V6, Sony STR 6055, Technics SA TX50, Technics SA400, Pioneer PL S70, Pioneer PDR-W739
Music Preferences
Metal(Thrash, Death etc), Rock, Classical
Nikon D850, Nikon SP(old school film rangefinder), Nikon N2000
I am a computer technician and photographer.