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    VSONIC GR07 Impressions Thread

    Can anyone here compare the Westone 3s to the GR07? The current amazon offer for the Westones are really good, but GR07s are cheaper still.   I used to have a GR07 MK1, until it broke a while ago :<
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    BA200 or Westone 3?

      Glad that you are enjoying them! What tips are you using(curious)?
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    Vsonic GR07 MK2 - stunning new cable! | bio-cel tech IEM | now with review - see 2nd post

    Quote:   Damn, I have a Mk1 GR07 too, and this post is seriously tempting...
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    IEM choices for metal drummers (Price Range - 200 to 500$)

    If you ever find their isolation lacking, try some foam tips- the stock ones are a good start.  
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    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Quote: Strange, I find their mid bass to be rather polite, and low bass to be more than adequate for my liking.
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    Reply to review by 'realslimseto' on item 'VSONIC GR07'

    I've heard the Phonak PFE earguides work. If you wear them over-ear there is almost zero microphonics.
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    VSONIC GR07 Impressions Thread

    I also got the E10 recently. Not a night and day difference, but certainly it helps the transparency a bit with the GR07.  
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    TDK BA200 Thread

      Quote:   The Shure silicone tips fit them and are more comfortable, but you might lose a bit of bass impact since they're single flange.
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    Headphones For Music & Movies?

    M50s make a good companion for your laptop and mp3 player.  
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    [Impression] FiiO E10

      Quote:   Thanks! Your tip to access the drivers work. Might have to experiment with the buffer settings.
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    [Impression] FiiO E10

      Quote:   How do I access it? I don't see a setting to adjust the buffer length under Preferences->Playback.   On another note, how do I access the E10's driver software? When I connect the device to my PC, it pretty much started working immediately,without the driver setup popping...
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    [Impression] FiiO E10

    I just purchased the E10s(should be the rev 2 because of the silver headphone jack). However, I have encountered a problem where music occasionally freezes/pauses for a fraction of a second in Foobar2000 with the WASAPI plugin installed. I have it connected directly to my laptop via USB, and...
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    UE700 or Monster turbine or IE 7?

    To my surprise the UE700 didn't sound thin paired with my Sansa Fuze.
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    FiiO E17 "ALPEN" - First Impression + Final Thought

    Quote: Well, this is surprising.   Has anyone else compared the E17s to their onboard soundcards?
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    [Impression] FiiO E10

    Any more inputs of how the E10 sounds compared to a onboard Realtek soundcard?