Random Murderer
Computers, electronics
Electronic engineering, computers, cars...
Headphone Inventory
Sennheiser PC155(SFI hybrid), Grado SR80, JVC Air Cushions (red), Sennheiser HD650, Kalimar-Tronics T-850(1965 vintage), Stanton SRS-265(circa 1985)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Custom CMoy, Modded Xiang Sheng 708b[, Custom MHHA
Source Inventory
Modded Audigy 2ZS, RM-DAC prototype, Zune 30G, modded Phat PSP.
Cable Inventory
Canare StarQuad (currently on my SR80's)
Other Audio Equipment
Custom-built Linkwitz crossfeed filter.
Audio-Related Tweaks
Custom-built CMoy, custom-built Linkwitz crossfeed filter, custom-built MHHA, modded Audigy 2 ZS, modded speakers, removed the foam in the HD650 and replaced it with pantyhose, fixed and modded Zen Micro, recabled SR80's(StarQuad), tube-rolled and modded Xiang Sheng 708b.
Music Preferences
Classic rock, rock, funk, punk, metal, electronica, techno, trance, psych, goa, and just a dash of rap(mainly 80's and early 90's).


Cans: SR80, HD650, Kalimar-Tronics T-850(1965 vintage), Stanton SRS-265(circa 1982), PC155 w/ SFI's
Plugs: JVC Air Cushion, Shure SE102
Sources: Hotrodded Audigy 2 ZS, 16GB Modded Zen Micro, modded PSP-1000, RM-DAC prototype(pm me for info)
Gone: My marbles and a ton of cash