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Headphone Inventory
Westone UM3X
SE530 PTH (gone)
Sennheiser HD600
Woody modded Denon D2000 (gone)
KSC75 (TWcu recable ;)
JH13 (various cables, bal and SE)
Headphone Amp Inventory
RME fireface 400 firewire interface (gone)
iBasso D10 (ubermod)
iBasso FiQuest
The Wire Bal->Bal
DAO (build suspended temporarily)
Lisa III (with LLP)
Larocco Diablo
Dual mono QRV08 (gone)
Source Inventory
i5 Mac Mini 2011 with OWC SSD->Titan multichannel USB to i2s convertor
Mac G5 Dual 2ghz, RME fireface 400, with behringer adat interface (gone), yamaha 01V digital mixer (gone)

Buffalo II with OPA1632 and all SMD Zfoil and relcap film signal path
Rockboxed DIYMOD 5.5G IPOD W/32GB CF card MOD, 3G IPhone, iriver H132CF, Cowon X5L

Buffalo II, Buffalo32S, RME9632 (modded), COD,
Main: Dual Ackodac ESS9012 reference AKD12P with i2s fifo buffer, titan 4 x 32bit/384kHz interface. NTD1 IV (TX220Z power resistors) A123 powered SEN Jfet IV output stages
Cable Inventory
Low profile piccolino blackgate LOD, various TWCu and SCSCAg LODs and interconnects, piccolino mini to mini, kimber AGSS low profile mini2mini, Twisted Cables Vortex TWCu cryo HD6XX cable (balanced and portable version)
Twisted Cables Custom TwCu JH13 cable
SCSCAg coax, SCSCAg BNC, SCSCAg RME breakout cable with AES and BNC

etc etc
Power-Related Components
The Lawbreaker 12AWG Neotech UPOCC solid core copper with Oyaide 034 rhodium, Furutech SPC AC cable with Rhodium Furutech AU ends.

massive collection of discrete regulators and PSUs
Other Audio Equipment
KRK V6 pro active monitor speakers, Micro Korg Synth/ controller/ VOCODER

in progress building full multiway digital crossover with digital in and out using i5 Mac Mini 2011 with OWC SSD running puremusic and allocator->Titan multichannel USB to i2s convertor->ackodacs with

adding 4 channels of 'the wire' Class AB power amp with Lateral Mosfets, fully regulated supply
2 channels LPUHP

Pass F5X for highs and Aleph JX for bass
power Jfet Circlotron, DAO. (all on hold till casework is finished)

2 ways biamped Scanspeak Revelator 18W/8531G0 and D2904/9700
Music Preferences
Electronica, Electro, House, Hip/trip hop, Dubstep, Punk, Ska, Alternative, IDM, Jazz, cheezy 80's pop and alternative
Owner of Twisted Cables, Cables, mods and audio design (Chef, graphic designer seems a lifetime ago)


Search ongoing..see profile Head-fi Feedback
Portable: iriver->D10->FiQ->TWCu wired JH13 
Transportable: Iriver->portable ES9018->modified Bal-Bal 'the wire'->balanced JH13 w TWCu
Main Home : iPad remote->i5 Mac Mini w OWC Mercury SSD->Titan 4 x 32/384khz USB->i2s->Ackodac AKD12P->D1 IV->The Wire/DAO
Current projects : Dual Ackodac AKD12P ES9012 with D1 IV, portable buffalo II dac/amp final PCB being stuffed. Finishing Aleph JX, SemiSouth Jfet Circlotron