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    Listening to music with a deaf left ear...

    Hi dohcmark8 My right ear is deaf. I think you got the big problem fixed - how to get everything to mono. Most everything else costs money. I use a headphone amp, and between the source and the headphone amp, I short the left and right channels together to get mono. I always use...
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    I now realize the importance of source

    Hi Pepsione, The sony player was my first non-portable source and I was happily surprised that it made so much difference, I agree with you, it's an unmistakeable improvement. Around the same time I upgraded to the HD600's with cardas and the Headroom max, and I'm patiently learning about...
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    isolation while traveling

    Hi onyxdr, I've used the er-6 on a long flight from the US to southeast asia and had plenty of time to decide whether I liked them or not. I loved them, thought I could hear lots of detail on a plane that I never could hear before, and I've endured that trip several times without etymotics...
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    'hangin' wit Tyll' part IV: detroit rock city

    Arnett commented on the high price of the hd600's too much to justify for their gain over the 580's. I saw this link previously about locating lowest prices on hd600's: URL=
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    Defining moment?

    Hi Fred, Quote: Hey Quincy! I know about the bad ear problem. My right ear is superb, but the left one, well........ Sorry to hear about the bad ear. My right ear is completely dead, so I don't have to deal with a so-so ear, and there's not much tinnitus either. I mix the left &...
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    Defining moment?

    My entry into headphones came because I wanted to make a decent hearing aid. My right ear is deaf, and I've found the audio quality of hearing aids is below that of the worst headphone out the worst headphone jack on the worst portable CD player. And people use hearing aids for an ear that...
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    Preamp question

    Hey Hirsch- Applying ohm's law to the specs for the amps, Power amps and preamps can have about the same gain (I'm comparing the specs for Headroom's website's spec sheets to a portable mic-preamp I have). For now I'll assume this must be voltage gain and not power or current gain because...
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    Microphone Preamp = Headphone Amp?

    they are talking about pretty much the same subject here:
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    Microphone Preamp = Headphone Amp?

    Hi sirion, I know some other folks on this forum know more than me, but here I go anyway... The hd600's are high impedence phones, and benefit from better amps. The mic-pre might not have as much gain as a headphone amp. So you're hd600's might sound ok though the mic-pre, but I'm...
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    Awesome budget component alert

    I had already ordered the CD player, and checked out the 5 free DVD's. They do not let you pick the DVD'S. The titles offered are: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon The 6th Day (arnie schwarzenegger) Random Hearts (harrison ford) Fools Rush In (mathew perry) Vertical Limit (chris mcdonnel)
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    Duke and Ray Charles suggestions?

    Hi, I've been listening to an NPR jazz radio show by Leigh Kaman on saturday evenings these last few months and enjoyed it a lot. In particular, a couple pieces featured Duke Ellington at the piano with a backing orchestra a few times and was great. Can anyone recommend some good CD's of...
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    jack out or line out?

    Hi, You said: Quote: I have read that the jack out only makes the sound louder but the line out lets the amp do more. What more does the amp do with line out over the jack out? When they say "lets the amp do more" the amp they are talking about the is headphone amp that you use...