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    Post pics of your builds....

    Thank you.  It sounds fantastic.  Next week it's going to live at his place, so in the meantime I'm trying to get as much enjoyment out of it as I can.
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    Post pics of your builds....

    I mounted it that way based on Tangent's recommendation in the assembly guide section of the YJPS website.   Quote:   This puts the AC in the far left corner of the case, farthest away from the amplifier board.   Edit: and thanks for the compliment
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    Post pics of your builds....

    Alcaudon and jlefley, inspirational builds.  Here is my contribution - although not as refined as what has been appearing in this thread lately.  It is an M cubed powered by a YJPS.  The MMM is configured with variable gain from about 4 to 14.  More photos can be found in this album.    
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    [No title]

    My DIY minimax
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    My New Album, Rabbit Dream

    After spending a couple days listening to your CD, I enjoy it more and more as time goes on. Well done!!
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    HOWTO: SRC Best Sinc Resampler Ubuntu 9.10 (noob friendly)

    Great guide. Thank you!
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    Good sound card (coax) as transport for Gamma2

    I asked because I think the gamma 2 usb input is limited to 16 bit. Did you build the entire gamma 2 including the USB board, or did you only build part of it? I think the gamma 2's usb is an option that should be considered, since you (may) already have it. Quote: Originally...
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    Looking for a DIYer friendly DesktopAmp ... (in terms of Space/PCB Layout/Community-knowledge/etc.)

    Another vote for the minimax kit, here. TomB does a spectacular job labeling all of the parts and making it a straight forward assembly.
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    Good sound card (coax) as transport for Gamma2

    Have you tried the on board coax out of your new motherboard? Perhaps it, or the USB option of the gamma 2, will provide a temporary solution until you can save the extra money? Maybe keep trying to get your 1212m to work with the new mobo?
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    Flashlight-Fi (LED & Conventional)

    Has anyone gotten the new maglite xl100? It is a new 3xaaa LED light with an accelerometer driven interface. Very cool little light.
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    New Millett Hybrid MiniMAX (what happened to this thread?)

    The MiniMax has an onboard regulated power supply. The wallwart is only a transformer that steps the voltage down to 24vac.
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    DAC popularity check

    Entry-level: 193 ----------- Alien (1) AOL Picollo DAC (1) Apogee Duet (3) Asus Essence STX (4) Audio-gd Compass (16) Audio-gd Compass - FUN (2) Bantam (1) Behringer DEQ2496 (2) Behringer SRC2496 (1) Beresford TC-7510 (2) Beresford TC-7520 (4) Beresford TC-7520 SE (Caiman) (2)...
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    Project: M³ home studio speaker amp (now finished!! pics at page 10)

    That amp looks great. Congrats on the successful build!
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    We Got Ti Kan (AMB) an HD800!

    I am in for additional contributions. Just let me know!