Head Gear Reviews by pithyginger63
  1. 64 Audio A12t

    4.50 star(s)
    Disclaimers: - My own pair was an original A12t from before they apparently changed their design. It has also been reshelled by a third party. I'm not sure how much the sound has changed, though I have compared it to the U12t, and other people's description of the difference between the two is somewhat similar. - I have a rather limited selection of genres I listen to regularly: jazz, electronic, some pop, and a crap ton of lofi-hiphop beats to study/chill to (oh baby). - This is an iem I have spent a lot of time with. I haven't had a chance to own...
  2. ALO Audio Gold 16

    4.50 star(s)
    Very many caveats: - I wrote this at 3am - The score is arbitrary. - My selection of high-end earphones is limited, I only own an A12t (reshell, though original was owned by me too). - Sometimes, I can't tell if I'm hearing the cable, my iems, or the source. - My hearing is crap, especially in the upper registers. - I don't own many other cables in it's price range. - I got it for $350 on sale, which means no matter what, this thing was worth the money to me. other notes: - the A12t sounds very slightly warm with heavy subbass and darkened upper...