I found how much of an art Audio Reproduction is
Airsoft, Knives, Knife sharpening, audio, headphones, gas masks, Daft Punk
Airsoft, Knives, Balisongs(butterfly Knives), women, DIY, computers, flashlights, Gas Masks, Daft Punk
Headphone Inventory
Sony ZX100
Koss Portapro (broken, repair in some time)
Sony XB500
Grado Sr80i

~Sennheiser HD201 (sold)
~Skullcandy Uprock(blue) (sold)

-Upcoming- Sony MDR-V6
Headphone Amp Inventory
~none at the moment~
Source Inventory
iPod Classic 5.5 generation 30gb (black)
iPod Touch 2nd generation 8gb (not used)
iPod Classic 4th Generation 20gb
Asus G73JH Gaming laptop
my imagination
Cable Inventory
stock cables.
Power-Related Components
Other Audio Equipment
a JVC stereo system in the living room.
computer speakers
Music Preferences
Dubstep, Acoustic Guitar, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Daft Punk, basically anything thats not Country music
Knives, Balisongs/Butterfly Knives, Airsoft Replica Guns, Military Gear, Gas Masks, Multi-tools, Daft Punk.


Sound/ Audio reproduction is an art
~Headphone gear (including former gear)
Sennheiser HD558 - Grado Sr80i - Sony XB500 - Steelseries Siberia v2 - Soundmagic E10 - Koss portapro - Sony V6 - Sony zx100
~Camera Fi
Nikon D3200 - Sony Handicam SX41 - Tachyon Ops HD tactical camera -