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    beyer dt250-80 question

    I tried my dt250-80's today with this thread in mind... they honestly don't seem to lack any treble. I checked them against the jbl s38 speakers on my home system and they are extremely close in terms of separation and balance--the track I used was a Bernard Herrmann/London Symphony Orchestra...
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    beyer dt250-80 question

    I find the same thing as kwkarth--they maintain the balance of whatever recording I'm playing pretty well. For classical, the treble sounds just fine and the bass is extremely detailed (other headphones I've had gave me problems with extremely low instruments--especially basses in orchestral...
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    beyer dt250-80 question

    First of all I wanted to say thanks to reviewers of the dt250-80s... this was one of the most informative sites I found when shopping for headphones. I got them a few weeks ago and I'm totally satisfied with the purchase. My question is this--which is the best portable cd player for under $200...
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