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    Sold Asr an amp. Good communication, timely payment. Would deal with again.
  2. Current setup / equipement

    Current setup / equipement

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    NorCal Meet Interest Check

    Quote: Originally Posted by jp11801 flacvest sorry but the meet is being held either in the east bay (san leandro) or in the upper peninsula. I will check with the englander on monday after work to inquire as to price and total space available. Just because it's far doesn't...
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    NorCal Meet Interest Check

    Quote: Originally Posted by jp11801 what city are you in? Currently in Saratoga which is down by San Jose.
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    DON'T recommend an amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by SoulSyde That may not be obvious to all of us. Please enlighten... You're telling me you don't see all the Singlepower stickies?
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    Sold: Audio Technica ATH-A900Ti

    Quote: Originally Posted by FrozenGecko How many hours would you say are on them? Hard to say. Quote: Originally Posted by papalion Are the earpads leather or vinyl? Vinyl I believe. These have sold, thanks for the interest.
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    Hifiman HE-5 Orthodynamic Headphones

    Yeah. Other than me being bummed, that is good news.
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    Sold a pair of HD650's to Sp0rkG0d. Communication was excellent and paid promptly. It was a pleasure.
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    High-End Solid State Amps : Overview & Roundtable

    Quote: Originally Posted by danne Anyone compared RSA Apache vs Beta22? Compare side by side, no. But I have owned both at different points in time and I like the B22 more.
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    Sold: Audio Technica ATH-A900Ti

    Thought I would use these more often, but I've realized that I just don't. I figure I've held onto them long enough and someone else should get a listen. There are a couple scratches on one of the cups, but they may have been there when I got them, since I've never dropped or rubbed them...
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    Where is Singlepower? Where is Mikhail?

    Quote: Originally Posted by didwlgh similar amp in the same situation. how do i get it back...or get compensation? no credit card dispute to make.. Quote: Originally Posted by bdh There's debate on whether he is out of business or not. But no one on head-fi will do...
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    Sold him my ECD-1. Had some issues with paypal but communication was prompt so it was resolved quickly. Otherwise, it was a smooth transaction.