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    Cowon D2+ and Shure SE530

    Quote: The 16gb J3 is on right now (not sure about amazon) but a 32gb version has just come out in Korea, so maybe you want to keep waiting.  Me, I have a D2 and prefer it to the J3 because of its full sized SDHC slot and its standard mini-USB connector instead of a proprietary...
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    Cowon D2+ and Shure SE530

    FlatNine, I'm pretty sure the current Fuze firmware supports both Flac and Ogg.  Rockbox supports the v1 Fuze pretty well (the woot refurb I bought a few months ago is a v1).  Rockbox for the current v2 Fuze still has some issues but some people are apparently using it.   I may have...
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    Cowon D2+ and Shure SE530

    OK, I went back and looked at those old threads and it looks like the bass rolloff effect is real, when driving low impedance phones, possibly due to coupling capacitors in the d2 output path.  Low impedance = 16 ohms and lower, there are a bunch of graphs showing how the effect gets more...
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    Just got the Canon AE 1 Camera!!

    The AE-1 was a breakthrough camera in that it was the first real mass market SLR.  A great choice and you can get tons of fantastic lenses for it at bargain basement prices.
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    Sound Signature: Clip+ vs Cowon E2

    There is a direct comparison review at (a cowon fan site, be aware).   ABI has a standalone review:
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    Battery Packs for Vintage Discman and a hello

    I found some overpriced ones on google.  My inclination would be to concoct something temporary using AA cells, and transfer those MD's to other media.  You might be able to adapt a phone or PDA battery instead.
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    Sansa Clip+ 8gb - initial musings

    Indications are that using the card does shorten battery runtime.  Using flac and ogg may also shorten it (more intense cpu demands than mp3).  It hasn't been a problem for me since I usually listen to it near a computer, so I recharge it if the battery gauge starts getting low.  I imagine I...
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    Sansa Clip 2 GB Deal

    I bought three of the 2gb's when they had the same deal some months ago.  The $5 shipping is the same whether you buy 1,2, or 3, so it comes out to $1.67 per player for shipping.  They are nice little players.  One of these days I'll get an 8gb clip+, but those are around $55 at amazon last I...
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    Sansa Clip+ Pic request

    Wha?  There's tons of clip+ pics around.  What are you looking for?
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    Cowon D2+ and Shure SE530

    There was huge discussion of that curve on a while back and the rolloff appeared to be due to misinterpretation of the settings when the measurements were taken.  If you turn off the BBE and set the equalization to flat, the rolloff goes away.  The D2 output stage is quite...
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    How many DAPs do you have?

    I have about a dozen, mostly cheap refurb Sansas from Woot that I couldn't resist.  I got them partly with the idea that if I did much Rockbox code hacking I'd end up bricking several.    The main players I actually use are a Cowon D2 and a refurb 2gb Sansa Clip.  The Clip is strapped to a...
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    HeadAmp Pico Portable Amp (w/ optional upsampling 24/96 USB DAC) Pre-Order Thread

    Nobody here any more? Is there another thread for those kinds of questions? This is the thread link from the page about the amp.
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    -- Cowon iAudio 7 review -- with lots of pictures (no blurry cell phone shots)

    Why are there what looks like two headphone jacks? Is one of them a line in or something? I have a D2 but am intrigued by the i7, which seems to be discontinued. Some stores still have them, so if you want one, buy one now. The main thing stopping me is I really hate players with internal...
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    Anyone still using cassette?

    "On the move" no I guess not. But I still have a fair number of cassettes that I listen to at home, and want to get around to digitizing. And I still have my beloved brick of a Sony TC-D5M from sometime last century.
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    HeadAmp Pico Portable Amp (w/ optional upsampling 24/96 USB DAC) Pre-Order Thread

    Some questions about the dac/amp: 1) Is the battery user replaceable? Where can we get replacements? 2) Is the analog signal path completely isolated from the digital side? I ask that because my Headroom Total Bithead leaks 60 cycle hum from the USB port through to the headphones...