Headphone Inventory
600&650 Senn/Cardas for many years, BD-990/600, BD T90 , HD700, Q701
Headphone Amp Inventory
Had: Sansui 1000A, ASL MG Head, SP PPX3, MPX3, Supra, MicroZotl, Sound Quest SQ-84, EMP, SP Extreme,--highly modded x 2, 300B Custom., others

Have: Decware MLB,Abraxas PP 807, Abraxas 6AR6-SET, Abraxas 6BX7/6BL7-P-SET, Abraxas EL84 SET
Source Inventory
FLAC >Halide Bridge > Zhalou 2.5 Zapped and modded >
Cable Inventory
MAC Palladium, Blue Jean Belden RCA/XLR, VD Nite II, Luminous audio Synchestra Sig.
Power-Related Components
Good Power Grid
Other Audio Equipment
VSA VR3.5, <Music Reference RM9 MK2, <EAD Ovation+, <Red Wine audio Battery Squeezebox2

Cornwall, Hammer Dynamic S-12, Highly modded Heath W5 Blocks for 6AR6.
Audio-Related Tweaks
Tequila shots.

'Twequila' the best cost:benefit ratio tweak in audiophillia.
Music Preferences
Vocal laden