Body Building
Reluctant Apple Fanboy
Headphone Inventory
Sennheiser HD600
Beyerdynamic T1 v1
Audeze EL-8 Open
Noble Sage
Headphone Amp Inventory
Schiit Valhalla 2
Acram rHead Amp
Source Inventory
Schiit Bifrost Multibit
Dragonfly Red
Late 2012 Mac Mini
iPad Air 2
IPhone 6s
iPhone 5s
Cable Inventory
ETI eXpress 6 Series 2 Interconnect (Bifrost to Valhalla)
ETI eXpress 6 Series 2 Interconnect (Bifrost to rHead)
Ultralink Caliber Optical (Mini to Bifrost)
Asylum Powercord Deep Cryo Treated (Bifrost)
TFA Powerline 12 powercord Deep Cryo Treated (Valhalla)
Forza Audioworks Claire HPC Mk2 cable (HD 600)
Effect Audio Thor Copper OCC SPC cable (T1)
C3 Audio Canare cable (EL-8)
WireWorld Stratus 7 (PS Audio Dectet Power Centre)
AudioQuest NRG-1 (MacMini Late 2012)
Power-Related Components
PS Audio Dectet Power Center
Audio-Related Tweaks
VOX Application
BitPerfect MacOSX audio plugin
A few different tubes for occasional rolling
Music Preferences
Fairly broad. Primary classic, alternative and grunge rock. Several sub-genres of rock including garage rock, blues rock, hard rock and some metal, djent and progressive. I also have a small collection of blues, jazz and classical. No country, no death metal.
Gluttony Monger


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Guaranteed I'm not going to take you seriously and literally. It's the internet. You should probably apply the same logic to me.