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    Feedback by 'nnordstr' on listing 'Topping L50 Amp'

    Great transaction. Description matched the condition. Would purchase from this seller again.
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    Feedback by 'nnordstr' on listing 'IMR Opus Mia (sold), and EDP (FS)'

    Excellent seller. Item shipped promptly and arrived as pictured. I would not hesitate to buy from again.
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    Did I Mess Up? Opinions Needed

    Thank you all for the feedback. I realize I should have described the amp's condition differently before selling it.
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    Minnesota Meet 2020

    Looks like the 26th of April will work for me right now.
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    Minnesota Meet 2020

    March 22nd and 29th won't work for me. The other dates will probably be fine.
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    Schiit Lyr 3 Tube rolling thread.....

    I'm so glad I found this. I just put the ShuGuang CV181-Z in and I think it sounds fantastic after a couple of songs. After seeing some of the discussions about current draw I was worried I had an expensive and rather light paperweight on my hands.
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    Show us your vintage headphones!

    Funny thing happened to me this weekend. A guy on Craigslist was selling some vintage high end stereo gear and had a Stax SR-5 and SRD-6 combo. I didn't have time to check them out in person and started texting with him to see what he was thinking about a sale. I told him I was kind of...
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    New Adventures in Vintage Hi-fi (headphones)

    Sorry for what surely is a previously used forum tag, but it was the only thing I could come up with. I was doing some Craigslist scanning the other day and saw a pair of AKG K340's for sale for a reasonable price locally. I had heard of them before and did a quick search and became interested...
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    Minneapolis meet 2019

    Hello All, I'm looking at selling my Bottlehead S.E.X. amp that I brought to the meet and I'd like to sell it locally. I don't want to pack it up. If anyone is interested or knows of someone who might let me know. PM me. Thanks.
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    Minneapolis meet 2019

    Timing doesn't matter for me.
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    Minneapolis meet 2019

    Nice work, again, Feilong4.