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    Review by 'Nevalti' on item 'Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 250 Ohm'

    When I first unpacked the DT990s I plugged them into a rather good Ruark radio playing on my desk. The result was an absolutely awful, screechy performance. Having recovered from the shock I remembered that I had boosted the treble on the Ruark to make speech clearer. Several reviewers say the...
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    Reply to review by 'nevalti' on item 'Topping D3 USB&Optical&Coaxial&BNC DAC black'

    I have just been looking at these on eBay and thought it may be just what I need but your review has thrown me completely. Perhaps I have misunderstood how you are using this? I would really appreciate your comments.   It appears from the eBay listing to be primarily a DAC with line level...
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    Travelling more - so I need better portable music

    I now have some 'Piano Forte's playing in my ears and can confirm that they are excellent for classical and jazz providing a great deal of spacial information AND they remain relaxed and musical for long term listening. Listening to them through my Benchmark DAC1 they have, apart from the rather...
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    Review by 'Nevalti' on item 'AKG K 550'

    I tried these with a Benchmark DAC1, a Fiio X3, a Fiio X1+E17 and various lesser devices including an iPhone. They seem pretty easy to drive. Music was a mixture of classical and Jazz - both CD quality and HiRes.    My value rating is based on the £107 I actually paid from Amazon. I am having...