I also like to burn various incenses and woods on a hot coal, prepare and drink a tea, meditate, play computer games, take photos, watch birds, massage a bird, drive my car, and walk in nature.
music, nature, prayers, photography
Headphone Inventory
Home: Sennheiser HD560 Ovation 300 Ohm (mid-late production) are very clear and musical ~ Sennheiser HD540 Reference 600 Ohm (early production) have best soundstage and they excel in technicality >> HD250 Linear 600 Ohm sound icy clear and with right pads they are so emotional! > AKG K240DF (late production) are so relaxed sounding and similar in timbre to HD560 just not as clear >> AKG K240 Sextett (mid production) keep their old worn pads and you will have raw sounding metal headphone >>>> Hifiman HE-400i (MrSpeakers alpha pads) they just can not compete with previous ones in any department except low frequencies, they behave fine with modern and metal music and also in movies and games
Portable: Acoustune HS1551CU /mmcx/ are too much bass heavy and dark sounding for my taste, their strength is in displaying texture of instruments
Gone: Beyerdynamic DT880 250ohm, Sennheiser HD595, Yuin PK2, Echobox Finder X1, VE Monk+, Koss Porta Pro
On its way: Sennheiser HD565, HD265, HD560 Ovation 2, HD250 Linear 2, EOZ Air, Yamaha HP-50A modded
Headphone Amp Inventory
Gone: Samsung Level Link, FiiO E12A
Source Inventory
Home: Audio-GD R2R11
Portable: Xperia XZ1, Shanling M0, Chord Mojo, AT-PHA55BT (BT receiver)
Gone: FiiO X3ii, Sandisk Sansa Clip+
Cable Inventory
Home: Audioquest Carbon USB A-B 0.75m, Dyson Audio Gotham GAC Starquad headphone cable 1.5m for HE-400i, ADL Furutech F63-S(G) reduction (3.5mm female -> 6.3mm), Kabelguru 3m extension cable (OFC copper, 6.3mm female -> 6.3mm), Kabelguru 2.5m Sennheiser cable (OFC Class 6 copper, 6.3mm), iFi USB Cable (USB-C male to USB 2/3 female)
Portable: Effect Audio ARES II 4 Wire (3.5mm -> mmcx), FiiO RC-SE1 (3.5mm -> mmcx), Acoustune stock cable
Power-Related Components
Home: SUPRA LoRad 3G2.5 Silver Anniversary 1m cable for PC, SUPRA LoRad 3G2.5 1m cable with Audiophonics Aluminium Power Distributor (6 Schuko plugs), Kabelguru Reptilian 1.5m cable for R2R-11, Elfidelity AXF-100 PRO III internal USB Power Filter PCI-e card (powered with iFi iPower 5V/2A adapter)
Other Audio Equipment
Yamaha AS-500, Tannoy Sensys DC1
Audio-Related Tweaks
HE-400i: MrSpeakers Alpha Pads
HD-540: HD430 pleather pads enhanced with additional foam ring
HD-560: ...
HD-250: wang’s pleather pads enhanced with additional foam ring
K240 DF: ...
K240 Sextett: Stock pads
Music Preferences
Incense-Fi, Tea-Fi, Tourism-Fi, MTB-Fi, Life-Fi


R2R 11 > HD540, HD250, K240DF.