Just an avid music lover and sound quality seeker

Love electronics of all kind
Software of all kind, audio equipment and electronic
Life is never long enough on the path of discovery, enlightenment. Therefore I want, no I need to know as much as possible about audio, be able to improve listening quality, and last but not least part with my other fellow listeners what I know and hope to learn from them.
Headphone Inventory
Shure SH 1840
HiFiMan HE-560
Shure SE215 and now SE535 iems
Sennheiser HD 600
AirPad Max
Headphone Amp Inventory
Pico Slim
Oppa HA-2
Source Inventory
Fiio X5
iPod (iMod) Classic 5th Gen 128Gb SDD drive Rockboxed (the only surviving iMod)
iBasso DX-240
Cable Inventory
He-6 balanced cable compatible on HE-560
Shure SE535 standard and balanced cables
Shure 215 + SE215LTE blue with bass tuning
Home made interconnect cables 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm and iPod 30-pin to 3.5 mm plugs with silver & gold wires (lots)
RSA female to 3.5 mm plug adapters (in non-balance amp and/or ipod/ipad/iphone SE inputs only)

I have at the last count 14 pairs of home made XLR cables, 14 pairs of RCA cables, 4 X 110 ohms and 6 X 75 ohms digital cables waiting for their devices to come home. I think I have over done in wiring cables. I have also created an XLR cable for the HE-560 and HD600.
Power-Related Components
Nothing worth mentioning yet.
Other Audio Equipment
Too ancient to list
Audio-Related Tweaks
iPod iMod 5.0 and 5.5 gen with SC internal caps no special lod.
I tweaked a DX50 with improved HO and LO caps but that got shipped to my friend for his own enjoyment.

I like making cables in my spare time, got a great soldering station and steady hands.
Music Preferences
iPhone, iPad, Mac Pro (Apple fanboy but used to be an Android one, it just that I was very disappointed with their initial smartphone offerings, gotten a lot better now).

Love building PCs and Servers, got one of each but my computer love is still with my first computer company, an Apple Mac as they used to call it. PC came second because of development work.
Software engineer with an EE background, electronics and telecom major dabbling in many things.