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    First pair of over-ear headphones

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions thus far. Leaning towards the grados for my top open pick.     However, I'm still considering closed cans as well. Any opinions on the Sennheisers and Shure I listed?    Seen the HD 280 Pros and the SRH440s for $99 (Canadian). The HD 439 seem to be...
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    First pair of over-ear headphones

    Quote:   I would consider open cans, although I have been leaning towards closed.   Probably will be using them with an older turntable+Pioneer VSX 1022 receiver. Otherwise be using my laptop which has a lame integrated HD realtek sound card.   Primarily vinyl lps. Otherwise mp3...
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    First pair of over-ear headphones

    Hey everyone,    I'm looking for a decent pair of headphones for around $100 (Canadian). I plan to use them primarily around the house; either listening to music on my laptop or my records. I generally listen to rock music  (classic/hard rock/metal). Probably be using them a lot for Black...
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