Head Gear Reviews by mscott58
  1. ALO Audio Continental Dual Mono Dac/Amp

    5.00 star(s)
    Let’s get something out of the way first. You might be saying something like “Another 5-star review? Seriously? Does this guy ever give anything but 5-stars? Is this dude on happy pills or something? Geez Louise…” Guilty as charged. Another review, 5 more stars given to another piece of Head-Fi gear. Why? So here’s the skinny (and the reason I don’t write for anyone but myself) – I only invest the time (which is non-trivial) in writing these reviews for gear I feel incredibly strongly about. And as an optimistic person I tend to feel the most for...
  2. ALO Audio - The New Rx

    5.00 star(s)
      As my wife will tell you, at just about every major audio show I attend I buy something (shocker right?). There’s something cool about looking at my pieces of gear and thinking about the show where I got them. For example my Noble K10’s make me think of Denver and RMAF/CanJam and working feverously with the Head-Fi crew to build all the banners before the show started (good times Joe, Jim, Jude, Warren, and Andres!). SoCal this year was about finding the best portable amp for my wonderful Kaisers, and I think I tried almost every one out there...
  3. Noble Audio Kaiser 10

    5.00 star(s)
      If you told me that my review of a pair of headphones would somehow combine golf, science-fiction, sorcery and a supersonic jet I’d say you’re crazy. But then again if you told me I would spend $1,599 on a pair of IEM’s and consider them a bargain I’d also say you were off your rocker (and my wife would agree). But that’s where I find myself, so here we go…let’s jump into the seemingly random (and long) walk that is my review of the Noble K10’s.   But first, let’s go back in the time machine. In the late 90’s I had the honor of attending the...