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  1. Bottlehead Crack

    I built this Crack myself, it is a great little amp and was fun to build. I've been a solder slinger for years but my first diy kit, the build in my opinion is done pretty nicely. This amp fired up on the first try, it's quiet and sounds great. There is a small scratch near the 12au7 tube...
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    Comment by 'Mr.Sneis' on listing 'Apex Sangaku'

    There was one on usaudiomart for big money dollars very recently, maybe its still there.
  3. Grado Wood Box

    These are hard to come by, Grado brand wood box from Taiwanese Market. Mostly mint, bottom has some scrapes. Asking $100 shipped.
  4. Sony MDR-M1ST w/ Brainwavz XL Pads

    Like new condition Sony M1ST, these are Japan market only and harder to get in USA. Comes with original box (it is a plain brown cardboard box). Also including nearly unused brainwavz xl leather pads. Asking $265 shipped conus.
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    SOLD Grado SR-100 headphones

    Did you get my pm?
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    Sold: HD800 (Read description)

    *Sold* Nice pair of HD800 in 9/10 shape. Minor imperfection to me a faint scratch near the R letter and a tiny spot of paint missing. Great condition pads. I used these with a different set of cables which I am keeping so rest assured they work and sound great. The gotchas here. No stock...
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    Sold: Eddie Current 445

    *Sold* Bought this amp very recently from a friend. After listening to it for a while I've decided I'm happier with the lower end gear. The amp is in good condition there are 4 small scratches on the edges of the front chassis, not huge but cosmetic nonetheless. Looks like PO tried to...
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    FS: Audio Zenith pmx2 v1

    Another price drop and bump. This really hurts guys :(
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    Sony MDR-M1ST - Sony's 2019 Studio Monitor Headphone

    The stock pads are not as horrendous as you guys make it sound, I don't find midrange problems or bass problems with stock pad. I have the Brainwavz Oval leather and Yaxi Pro-M ST and I think I prefer stock so far. The Yaxi pads are all treble and the Brainwavz need a tight seal in order to...