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    help with a meggitt pot...

    hi, well i got this meggitt pot. this is the best one i managed to find around here, anyways im having an hard time figuring out how to connect it to the pcb of my current pimeta project. logic tells me it aligns with the pcb layot- exactly like the alps or the panasoic(its not pcb mount), but i...
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    Looking for a DIY'er to mod a an ART DI/O

    I'd be glad to help you out if you'd like me to. although im more into giving you an extra hand rather then modding the entire thing. CHEERS
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    Breathing problem...?

    wow! you just described the exact same symptoms that i have been suffering from for the last few months, especially that yawning and the need to take a big deep breath rather frequently- sometimes its really annoying. im 18y old and im in pretty good shape. i think that it has something to do...
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    3.5 jack or 6mm jack?

    It would be wiser to use the 6mm jack because it is sturdier then the smaller one so it is more likely to survive abuse and plug "jiggling". CHEERS
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    Soldering SOIC-8 opamp to a BrownDog?

    im doing it with a 0.050 solder- the only size i have available around me. you should probably go for a smaller diameter solder, 0.025 would probably save you from alot of hassle it really is simple once you get the hang of it. CHEERS
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    Pimeta problem

    oh, thx. so you should probably update your guide because i borrowed this solution from you while i had problems with my pimeta. CHEERS
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    Pimeta problem

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kenny12 ok, found the problem, i was using dual in ground and single in opamp . anyway working fine now... but there is interference, am i supposed to ground the case to the input ground cause there is hum.. when i touch the case/ volume pot etc...
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    Soldering SOIC-8 opamp to a BrownDog?

    you dont need anything fancy, just twizers and a pair of steady hands. you hold the chip and the adaptor together tightly with the twizers' just make sure not to apply too much force and your good to go- just start soldering the parts together. i usually solder two of the opposite pins and take...
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    Vishay Dale resistor part #s

    yup, youll need to use 200-220 resistors.
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    Having problems with my DMM

    hey thats a great idea. thanks. CHEERS
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    SO-8 Package - How do you solder these suckers?

    would it be wise to clean the flux after the soldering? is there a special way to do it if so? CHEERS
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    Having problems with my DMM

    yeh the leads give me a reading of around 0.05 ohm when i short them before measuring. like i said i can get a stable reading only when i press on the resistor leads really hard, or if i hold the leads of the multi' and bind them to the leads of the resistor with my fingers- doing the...
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    Having problems with my DMM

    Hi, well i bought this expensive el-chippo DMM the other day got it for around 30$, it is made by a chinese manufacture named UNI-T. Anyways, im having an hard time taking measurements with it. if i want for example to test a resistor, i really need to squeeze on his pins to get a stable...
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    Getting Started

    read the stickys! go to Tangents site and read everything over there, find yourself a nice book for beginners etc. just read everything u can lay ur hands on. Im also a novice diy'er, i started just a few weeks ago and i can tell you that i learned alot! just read read read thats the best advice...
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    Sennheiser HD-497 cable...

    How did you make those mini connectors? CHEERS