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    Questions on OTL amp repair/tube safety

    I took the cautious approach and decided to stay away from the caps. The equipment I have here is worse than the bargain barrel from Amazon. My multi-meter has probes and un-insulated clips(only safe to connect to pre-confirmed neutral.) I don't trust myself to hold/maneuver probes around...
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    Questions on OTL amp repair/tube safety

    I recently took ownership of a La Figaro 332C amp with the understanding it has a problem involving the headphone jack. It's unknown exactly what the fault is but it is effected by wiggling the headphone cable in the socket. It's a known issue that the jack on these may need to be resoldered...
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    Headphone amplifier: frequency response question.

    20-20khz is a standard rating as its the standard range of human hearing. You also may have companies noting wider range for marketing purposes if the amp can do it with minimal roll off. The rating given does not tell you the severity of roll-off outside the range given so it cannot be...
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    SOLD: SMSL M300 MKii

    This bright red DAC was ordered on March 3rd from Hi-Fi Express and has been in active use since. Reason for sale is that I'd like to move onto something Sabre, or otherwise with a faster sound. The SMSL is too full/smooth sounding for the tastes of this Ultrasone/Beyer treblehead. :p Package...
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    Vintage integrated, receiver or modern dedicated amp

    Don't worry too much about the Ohms, it's one of the less important factors, I've used 32ohm headphones with vintage amps because I liked how it modified the sound. In short a low OI amp will interact with all headphones in the same way & a high OI amp will react differently depending on the...
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    Vintage integrated, receiver or modern dedicated amp

    IME vintage receivers can be great value buys if you have the space & will to clean(or sort through listings for pre-cleaned) units. Cleaning being focused on de-oxit to avoid noise in the knobs/switches more so than visible grime. You may not have satisfactory results with the first one you buy...
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    Solid-state DAC/amp with tube sound? (And powerful)

    The Asgard 3 mentioned in the OP may be the tubiest pure SS amp I've heard, and I've heard a long list of amps. Really depends what traits you're honing in on though.
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    Are tube amps always "warm"?

    Anything vintage I've owned(ex. Sherwood S6000/8600,) Burson 160DS, Schiit Asgard 3. The Phonitor e even does it to a degree although it isn't warm like the others. There really isn't much in common between these amps & none of them will fool you into thinking you're listening to a tube amp. I...
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    CLOSED WTB: Audeze HP Cable 2M+ XLR/Balanced

    As it says in the title, I'm looking for a cable for my Audeze LCD2C-Closed. Needs to be at least 2M in length & terminated for balanced amps. Ideally I'm looking at spending <$50 but I can budget up to $125 if it makes sense to do so.