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    review request: P-S adaptor to ety HF2/HF5

    can anyone put the adaptor to the hf5/hf2 models and test how well they perform with amping and so on? thanks
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    sony e9000es>how good is the DAC and headphone out?

    nobody owns a e9000es here? do anybody know where i can get the firmware updates now? thanks
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    sony e9000es>how good is the DAC and headphone out?

    is it worth paying around 250 for a e9000es to use as a dac/headphone amp combo for denon d5000? is the headphone jack going to be fairly terrible? If yes as a DAC for headphone is it worst 250 bucks(or are there better choices everywhere)? thanks
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    Most comfortable earbuds for $100

    x5, not earbuds, but extremely comfortable earbuds are earbuds, they dont get better in shape
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    easy to drive vs hard to drive headphones

    i think i have a kinda stupid question: should a easy to drive headphone improve with amping from a portable amp in the same magnitude as with a hard to drive headphone amping from a home amp? Or in other words, should driving a RS1 with a portable amp gives the same realm of SQ as a k701...
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    Test of Time :-) SDHC Card Reliability?

    nobody bothered to talk about those age old 128mb 256 512 cards, interesting
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    My first MP3 player, Sansa Clip 2GB

    Quote: Originally Posted by Meta-Fi I would take it back and get the 4gb for 35$ on Black Friday from bestbuy. exactly my thoughts, you did terribly OP
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    About to Purchase ATH-AD700

    you better, we will keep waiting for ya
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    you guys are nuts