Headphone Inventory
*Focal Clear - Currently Own
*Audeze LCD-GX - Currently Own
Audeze LCD-XC (Post 2016 Rev.) - Owned [HD700 of closed backs]
Hifiman Edition X V2 - Owned
*AudioQuest Nightowl Carbon - Currently Own
MrSpeakers Ether Flow - Owned
MrSpeakers Ether C 1.1 - Owned [almost perfect!]
HD800S - Owned
HD700 - Tried
Audio Technica AD-2000X - Owned
*HD600 - Currently Own [Favorite]
Hifiman HE-500 - Owned ["thick" sound done right for once]
Audeze EL-8 Titanium - Owned
Audeze EL-8 Closed - Tried
LCD-2 Classic - Owned [...rolled off treble but still sibilant???]
STAX SR-L300 - Owned
AKG K712 Pro - Tried
HD650 - Tried
LCD-X - Owned
Hifiman HE-400 - Owned
HD558 - Owned
Mr Speaker's Mad Dogs w/ Alpha Pads - Owned
Koss Porta Pro - Owned
ATH-M50 - Tried
*Inearz Euphoria - Currently Own
Headphone Amp Inventory
*Ifi Micro IDSD Black Label - Currently Own
*Acro L1000 - Currently Own
*Aune B1S - Currently Own
Massdrop Cavalli Liquid Carbon X - Owned
Questyle CMA600i - Owned
Questyle CMA400i - Owned
*Burson Conductor V1 (a.k.a Virtuoso) - Currently Own
Darkvoice 336SE - Owned
Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid - Owned
Audeze Deckard - Owned
STAX SRM-252S - Owned
NuForce HA-200 (1 unit) - Owned
Schiit Asgard 2 - Owned
Aune B1 - Owned
Little Dot MKIII - Owned
Schiit Magni - Owned
Fiio E11 - Owned
Source Inventory
Schiit Gungnir Multibit (Gen 5 USB) - Tried
SMSL SU-8 - Owned
Opus#2 DAP - Owned
Modi 2 Uber - Owned
ODAC - Owned
Music Preferences
-Radio Paradise (lossless streaming/radio site - try it!)
-Archive.org (huge collection of free live music!)
-Rock & Roll
-Some R&B


Radio Paradise is great! Lossless, listener supported music streaming/radio. Wide swath of genres; not your typical crappy radio station. Not affiliated, just a listener/supporter myself - now and always.