Tube amps ,Tubes, i love tubes .Model wooden ships, fishing you know retired guy stuff .
WW2 Scaled miniature Soldiers ,Airplanes, and civil war.figurines and also Diorama making. RC Helicopter.flying collecting original stuff. and built a tall ship model of the HMS VICTORY 1:78 scale ,Started November 2014 finished June 2016.
Headphone Inventory
Sennheiser HD800S Denon LA- D5000 (Lawton modded)
Grado RS2E Denon AH-D1001
Headphone Amp Inventory
Woo Audio 22 HP amp Burson Conductor amp/dac/preamp with upgraded Khozmo 50k Attenuator and upgraded U.S.B. module ,, Pioneer SX750, Cmoybb, ,.FU32+6N2 HP+ speaker amp ,
Source Inventory
PC>Musicbee ,
Cable Inventory
1 pairDH Labs interconnects , 1 pair Digiflex balanced XLR Interconnects .1 DH Labs AC power chord
Other Audio Equipment
Korg Kaosillator Pro.Syth. Fluxion AV7 SET AMP Pioneer SX750 .QUAD 405 Amp and Quad 33 preamp,Kef104, Wyred4sound DAC2 DSD
Audio-Related Tweaks
DIY Adapters for 6SL7, 6DJ8, 12AX7,6SN7 tubes,C3G'S and 5814 to be used with my Littledot mk3. RK 60 adapter and 6F8G-6C8G adapters by Headfi member and amp builder 2359glenn | studio , ECC31to 6SN7 adapter ,6BL7to 6AS7 adapter, 6SN7to 6N2 adapter,6N3to ECC88 adapter ,12AX7to 6N2 adapter,
Music Preferences
Progressive Rock in particular Genesis, Supertramp, Yes ,Foreigner , James Taylor,Gary Clark jr. and anything that sounds good .


PC>Musicbee> Burson Conductor Dac/Amp/Preamp>Wyred4sound Dac2 DSD>WooAudio 22> > Civilian 6N2+GU32 HP/Speaker Amp >PIONEER SX750 >Sennheiser HD800S>Grado RS2E> Lawton Audio modded Denon D-5000 -> Denon AHD-1001>KOSS KPH30iK>HyperXCloud 2> Restored Quad 33 preamp,with restored Quad 405 amp with Dual power supply ,>Fluxion AV-7 S.E.T. 6C33C Speaker Amp>Kef's 104> Klipsh KG 5.5