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    FiiO New Portable Headphone Amp A1 --Classic & Tiny & Metal

    Hope I have luck with this my post. Fiio A1 seems to be excellent and well built.
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    Ambient Music
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    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    FiiO X1 > Piccolino > JDS Labs C5 > AT-HDC5 Cable > ATH-IM70
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    Name an album you LOVE that critics HATE...

    The critics hate my favourite Wakeman's album, No Earthly Connection.  
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    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

    Real Estate (Atlas) + The Flaming Lips (With a Little Help from My Fwends).        
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    New Releases 2014 - No Records Released Before 2014

    Fantastic album.
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    Your Album of the Month

      iamthemorning - Belighted   Not only my album of the month, but of the year.
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    Beats Solo 2: Is the Head-Fi community willing to give these a fair chance?

    What color would be the most recommended? all are beautiful, but I would like to know the opinion of all.
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    JDS Labs C5/C5D (pg96) portable amp/amp+DAC

    Quote: Thanks, miceblue 
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    JDS Labs C5/C5D (pg96) portable amp/amp+DAC

    Where is the high-low gain switch? My C5 only have bass boost on-off.
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    Accessory Jack

    Accessory Jack is my favorite store.
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    Beats Tour by Dr Dre 2013 Review

    New release.