Head Gear Reviews by Matrix Petka
  1. FiiO X5 3rd gen Premium Hi-Res DAP

    4.00 star(s)
    Disclaimer. I bought my FiiO X5III for my money and have no interest to promote anything. Just my critical opinion, because lot of reviewers was talking about good and all good stuff about this player it is easy to find. Packaging 5/5 Double shell – outside thin, with FiiO X5 III photo, basic specifications of device, etc. Inside – trending black box, promising something nice inside and nice unboxing experience. Accessories 5/5 I would give 7. There FiiO set new high standard in the black box you will find: Protective glass screen shield...
  2. ONKYO [ hi-res sound source corresponding ] Digital Audio Player (32GB) DP-X1

    3.00 star(s)
    Disclaimer: device I bought for my hard earned money, have no involvement with any producer/dealer. Short about me: former DJ, now listening music for pleasure. Like old school musical output, active EQ for my most musical enjoiment.   Physical design 2/5   On photos or on the desk X1 looks interesting, but when you are holding it in your hands you will understand that designers have no idea how portable device should look or feel. Why sharp corners ready to cut fingers, even on control buttons? Further – even worse – SD cards compartments open...