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    Drop (Massdrop) HE-4XX (EU)

    In like new condition boxed. Willing to trade for some SR-225 (straight trade) or SR-325 +50 use or RS1 plus difference Or propose an interesting trade.
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    FT: Sennheiser IE80 (genuine) - virtually new, for trade with Grado or HD600 or similar

    Sennheiser IE80 Bought from official distributor so 100% original, boxed and with original case and tips. Those have been probably used for less than 8 hours. They are virtually new, unmarked and perfect pretty much. Lots of years of feedback and sales and purchases over here at head-fi...
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    BEYERDYNAMIC DT-770 250ohm excellent (EU)

    very few hours of use. excellent headphones Box included. Trade with GRADOS accepted
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    STAX srm-006t tube amp for Stax headphone (Black) there you go
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    STAX srm-006t tube amp for Stax headphone (Black)

    515 is my best possible price for that.
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    STAX srm-006t tube amp for Stax headphone (Black)

    Stax tube amp in excellent condition. 500 usd shipped anywhere.
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    FS: STAX SR-507 EXCELLENT-mint in BOX

    Top of the line lambdas, excellent condition boxed. 500 usd shipped worldwide.
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    Stax Lambda SR404 or 407 or 507

    found 507s. Thanks
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    Stax SS amp

    Thanks but I'm looking for something more affordable. The 717 would probably exceed my budget.
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    O2 Objective Amp virtually new (added 2 pics)

    It is a 3.5mm version, includes charger/power supply. pics available on request. The amp has been used for maybe 3 hours.   Photos below(see links):