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    Nuforce Primo 8 - an Audiophile Phase Coherent Quad Balanced Armature Driver IEM - Impressions

    I have received my NUFORCE NE800M Where can I post feedback???? Because this thread is for PRIMO 8 and NUFORCE NE800M have no thread anyone can create a topic for me, I will post feedback with picture
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    New Member Introductions thread

    My name is magret and I a am french and il love magret de canard FRANCE > UK > USA EU > USA
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    I have just buy this I will received it in 3 days I had a budget of 150€ and this is the only earphone with micro for android with this price I already have a Yamaha EPH-100 but I want change because I would have micro for android with I have hesitate with SHNEISENHER in ear momentum for 99€...
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