I am from Utah. I am just a college student who love music.
Besides listening..I am a Beginning audiophile and I love listening to good quality music.
I am a musician and I play
Acoustic Guitar and Electric
Alp Horn ( I played it once in Switzerland)
Herald Trumpet
Electronic Keyboard
...Anything with Keys
Headphone Inventory
Apple Earbuds (Used them once, but I have them!)
Beats by Dre Solo ( I don't know why I got them, looking back, the aren't as good as they thought they were)
BeyerDynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohm (my pride and joy, for now)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Rolls HA43 Pro (I live this little guy! Very clean)
Source Inventory
Dell XPS 15 Laptop.
Realtek HD Audio Manager
Technics CD Player SL-PG300
Kenwood KR-A4030
Cable Inventory
Monster Aux Cable
Stock Cables
Monster Speaker Cables
Power-Related Components
Just power supplies for now. My rig is super small so no fancy breakers or anything.
Other Audio Equipment
A $5 record player from a Thrift Store. ( I had to get it)
About 20 CD's and Growing
JBL LX500 Speakers
Audio-Related Tweaks
Music Preferences
Indie, Jazz, Classical, Rock. Anything but Country and Pop.
I love my current head phones BD DT 770 80 ohms and the amp. It just sound amazing.
I am always looking for more stuff though. Mostly music. I want to buy gear to listen to music not buy music to listen to gear.
I am a student and Southern Utah University.